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Real Estate Investment from Raleigh, North Carolina

For real estate investment and development services that you can depend on, call Huggins Realty Group, based in Raleigh, North Carolina

Maximize Investment Potential
Ensure profitable investing with our real estate investment and development services, which are designed to help you analyze property, understand what you are buying, and create an exit plan. Our team provides assistance with all of the necessary due diligence, including checklists and other items, to maximize your potential for making money. We can work with franchise developers and franchisees to make your vision a reality.

Real Estate, Real Estate Investment in Raleigh, NC

We are also able to assist you with finding suitable tenants and utilize our relationships with "big box" stores to move you into a property. If you would like to purchase a shopping center, we can assist you with approaching the bank and purchasing the right property.

Fully Dedicated to Helping You
Drawing from our owner's vast experience in the industry, which includes working for the largest real estate firm for more than four years and working with another national firm, we are fully dedicated to helping you find exactly what you want, even if it means showing multiple properties until the right one is found. Additionally, our owner has worked with developers on shopping centers and leasing space.

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